Once again, we’re leading the pack.

Our food Safety & Sanitation System just got smarter with new tools to help keep your kitchens safe and efficient so you can focus on what matters most.

SFSPac from PortionPac on Vimeo.

Preparing you for 2015 with updates to the
SFSPac® System

New Formulations

Even safer formulations that work better and do not have hazards according to the OSHA HazCom Standard. That means no Pictograms, hazard or precautionary statements to learn.

Single Pac® brand pouch delivery system

Same simple process: One Pac® brand pouch per bottle bucket or sink.

Procedure & Reference Guide and Instructional Posters

New OSHA compliant SDS, color-coded mixng instruction sheets and updated cleaning procedures, posters and charts.

Learning Portal

New SFSPac® Hazard Communication course teaches your employees what they need to know about the new Standard and SFSPac® formulations.

We are always looking for smarter ways of doing things that make a big impact. These are small changes, but taken together they are another big way we are helping you meet your bottom line while maintaining the highest standards of quality and adhering to ever-changing regulations.